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Asia Private Equity Weekly News, Mar 17, 2014

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HONG KONG, Mar 10 (Reuters) – News and developments in Asia private equity from Reuters News for a week finale Mar 14.


INDIAN SILK and trinket tradesman Kalyan Group is holding apart talks with Blackstone Group, TPG Capital Management and Temasek Holdings to sell a minority interest for $200-$250 million, dual sources with approach believe of a matter told Reuters.

A TEMASEK-led shareholders organisation has offering to compensate $2.1 billion in money for shares in Olam International Ltd they don’t already own, putting a heft of a Singapore state financier behind a commodity trade firm’s diseased change sheet.


SHARES IN a Chinese thesis park user and genuine estate developer sank during slightest 16 percent in their Hong Kong entrance on Thursday as worries about a debility in China’s economy left a altogether batch marketplace trade around a one-month low.


JAPANESE PRIVATE equity organisation Unison Capital is lifting 60 billion yen ($581 million) for a fourth fund, with direct for collateral from buyout firms approaching to grow as companies demeanour to enhance their businesses.

CHINA’S LARGEST e-commerce association Alibaba Group Holding has concluded to buy a determining interest in ChinaVision Media Group Ltd for $804 million, giving it entrance to TV and film calm as foe in a world’s biggest Internet marketplace becomes increasingly cutthroat.


MIZUHO BANK and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp are finalising a roughly 140 billion yen ($1.38 billion) financing to behind KKR Co’s buyout of Panasonic Healthcare Co Ltd, Basis Point reported citing a banking source.

IHH HEALTHCARE Bhd, Asia’s largest sanatorium user by marketplace value, is deliberation creation a A$5 billion ($4.5 billion) offer for Australian medical organisation Healthscope, a chairman informed with a matter told Reuters.

BARING PRIVATE Equity Asia’s Nord Anglia Education pronounced it will sell 19 million typical shares during between $15 and $17 a share in a designed U.S. listing.


TENCENT HOLDINGS Ltd’s new partnership with China’s No. 2 online tradesman JD.com takes aim during widespread opposition Alibaba’s Achilles heel – a debility in mobile – in a pierce set to reshape a country’s e-commerce industry.

PRIVATE EQUITY hulk TPG skeleton to sell 56 plantation properties of Australia’s largest ornithology firm, Ingham Enterprises, for adult to A$650 million ($590 million), a skill representative obliged for a sale told Reuters.

Fox News Beats Rivals In Ratings When Harlem Building Blast Becomes National News

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jcbldg[1]Fox News Channel was a most-watched network yesterday morning during a violation news of a blast in Harlem, NY,  both sum viewers and in a news demo. At 10 AM ET, when reports of an blast demolishing a building initial broke, Fox News delivered 1.31 million sum viewers — some-more than CNN (670,000) and MSNBC (313,000) sum –  and 297,000 demo viewers (to CNN’s 201,000 and MSNBC’s 109,000).  Fox News jumped 42% in a news demo in that hour, compared to a 209,000 viewers of one day earlier. CNN climbed 49% in a hour, yet from a smaller bottom of 135,000 demo viewers during 10 AM Tuesday to 201,000 demo viewers when a blast became a headline. MSNBC, that tends not to pull a lot some-more viewers for violation inauspicious news a approach a other wire news networks do, went adult a some-more medium 17%, adult from a prior day’s 93,000 demo viewers to 109,000. Fox News also finished initial for a sum day in both altogether assembly and in a demo, yet CNN’s AC360 clocked a singular demo win against The O’Reilly Factor during 8 PM with coverage of a latest twists in a blank Malaysia Airlines flight.

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Multiple news sources: Malaysia jet hijacked

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“With a high grade of certainty,” authorities can contend that MH 370′s communication systems were disabled, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Rahman pronounced Saturday. The airplane’s transponder was also deliberately switched off.

The justification is unchanging with someone behaving deliberately from inside a plane, Rahman said. Investigators have refocused their courtesy onto a pilots and passengers on house Flight MH 370, he said.

NBC News is stating that Rahman pronounced a hunt for a blank jet has widened to dual corridors, including Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan limit area and Indonesia to southern India.

Multiple news organizations are stating Saturday that investigators have motionless that one or some-more people with poignant drifting knowledge hijacked a blank Malaysia Airlines jet, switched off communication inclination and directed it off-course, a Malaysian supervision central concerned in a review told a Associated Press.

That same central told a Los Angeles Times that no belligerent has been determined and it is not nonetheless transparent where a craft was taken. The central talked to news organizations on condition of anonymity given he was not certified to brief a media.

He told a Associated Press a hijacking was no longer a theory.

“It is conclusive,” he said.

The LA Times reports that a Boeing 777′s communication with a belligerent was severed usually underneath one hour into a moody Mar 8 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Malaysian officials have pronounced radar information advise it might have incited behind toward and crossed over a Malaysian peninsula after environment out on a northeastern trail toward a Chinese capital.

The Malaysian central pronounced justification that led to a end were signs that a plane’s communications were switched off deliberately, information about a moody trail and indications a craft was directed in a approach to equivocate showing by radar.

The Malaysian central pronounced usually a learned flier could navigate a craft a approach it was flown after a final reliable plcae over a South China Sea.

Why anyone would wish to do this is unclear. Malaysian authorities and others will be urgently questioning a backgrounds of a dual pilots and 10 organisation members, as good a 227 passengers on board.

Some experts have pronounced that robbery or commander self-murder might be a many expected reason for a disappearance, as was suspected in a SilkAir pile-up during a moody from Singapore to Jakarta in 1997 and an EgyptAir moody in 1999.

The craft had adequate fuel to fly for during slightest 5 hours after a final know location, definition a immeasurable swath of South and Southeast Asia would be within a reach. Investigators are examining radar and satellite information from around a segment to try and pinpoint a final location, something that will be critical to hopes of anticipating a plane, and responding a poser of what happened to it.

A U.S. central pronounced Friday in Washington that investigators were examining a probability of “human intervention” in a plane’s disappearance, adding it might have been “an act of piracy.” The official, who wasn’t certified to speak to a media and spoke on condition of anonymity, pronounced it also was probable a craft might have landed somewhere.

CBS News reports that scores of aircraft and ships from 12 countries are concerned in a search, that reaches into a eastern stretches of a South China Sea and on a western side of a Malay Peninsula, northwest into a Andaman Sea and a Indian Ocean.
CBS News inhabitant confidence match David Martin reports that a USS Kidd has been reserved a hunt area in a Andaman Sea both easterly and west of a Andaman Islands. The P-8, that was scheduled to fly a initial goal Friday tonight, will cover a grid that stretches west to a southern partial of a Bay of Bengal.

India pronounced it was regulating feverishness sensors on flights over hundreds of Andaman Sea islands Friday and would enhance a hunt for a blank jet over west into a Bay of Bengal, about 1,000 miles to a west of a plane’s final famous position.

A group of 5 U.S. officials with atmosphere trade control and radar imagination – 3 from a U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and dual from a Federal Aviation Administration – has been in Kuala Lumpur given Monday to support with a investigation.

News readers reduction intent when referred by Facebook, Pew Research finds

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CBS News: Communications Systems On Malaysian Jet Shut Down Separately

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/CBS News/AP) – Two communications systems on house the blank Malaysian Airlines plane were close down separately, CBS News reliable Thursday, a growth that suggests a systems were deliberately incited off.

CBS News match Bob Orr reported a dual systems used to lane Flight 370 were close down sequentially, only before a Boeing 777 apparently altered march and incited west.

While that could advise a counsel act, CBS News aviation and reserve consultant Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger cautioned that it is “conceivable” that a communications systems could close down sequentially on their possess in a eventuality of a inauspicious electrical failure. He pronounced a systems in a craft are so compartmentalized that things could close down in a cascading, domino conform instead of all during once.

Still, Sullenberger — who gained celebrity for alighting US Airways Flight 1549 safely on a Hudson River in 2009 — concurred that is a remote possibility.

Earlier Thursday, a Wall Street Journal reported that investigators think a Boeing 777 was drifting for about 4 hours after it fell off radar screens on Saturday. That guess was fueled by information transmitted from a plane’s Rolls Royce engines that’s automatically downloaded during a flight, a Journal reported. The paper cited “two people informed with a details” of a investigation.

CBS News’ Orr also reported Thursday that there were technical indicators suggesting a craft continued to fly for an vague duration of time after municipal atmosphere trade controllers mislaid radar hit with a jet. Sources contend a Boeing 777 continued to try to broadcast slight information about a plane’s engines and opening to satellites. Malaysian authorities and Boeing apparently did not downlink a data, so sum from plane’s transmissions are not known.

But, a fact that a jet was stability to send signals is a clever denote that a jet did not pile-up immediately after radar hit was lost. The engines instead continued to run, Orr reports, definition a craft continued in moody or maybe was on a belligerent though still producing power. The were 239 people on house a flight.

In addition, U.S. radar experts looked during radar blips display a jet streamer in a opposite direction, and contend there is clever reason to trust it could be images of Flight 370, CBS 2?s Dick Brennan reported.

“An additional hunt area competence be non-stop in a Indian Ocean,” White House orator Jay Carney pronounced Thursday.

The Journal also reported that U.S. counterterrorism officials are posterior a probability that a commander or someone else on house that craft competence have diverted it with a goal of regulating it after for another purpose.

But U.S. officials insist there is no determined apprehension connection.

“There’s been no sequence done to terrorism during all. Not statute it out,” Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said.

Malaysian officials definitely denied a reports that a craft kept flying.

“Those reports are inaccurate,” pronounced Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. He pronounced a final delivery of information from Flight 370 came before a plane’s vigilance left from radar and communications with a organisation were lost, and indicated “everything was normal.”

“As distant as Rolls Royce and Boeing are concerned, those reports are inaccurate,” pronounced Hussein, adding that the supervision had contacted  both Boeing and Rolls Royce, and both pronounced a final engine information was perceived during 1:07 a.m., around 23 mins before a craft mislaid contact.

“This opens adult a whole horde of new questions,” CBS News aviation and reserve consultant Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger pronounced on “CBS This Morning.”

“There’s still most we don’t know,” combined Sullenberger. “Apparently we were sent engine information that includes altitude and speed, though not instruction or position. So it indeed enlarges many-fold a intensity hunt area.”

“We still don’t know: Is it fast depressurization in that everybody is unconscious? Is it a rapist act? Is it an act of terrorism? Is there some incapacitation of a pilots? We still don’t know,” Sullenberger said.

CBS News contacted Rolls Royce twice on Thursday morning during a company’s U.K. headquarters. The association refused to criticism on a Wall Street Journal report.

Meanwhile, a hunt continued for a blank jet. 

Authorities on Thursday stretched a hunt west toward India on Thursday given a revelations that it competence have kept flying.

Planes dispatched progressing Thursday to examine an area where Chinese satellite images showed what competence have been debris from a missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 found nothing, officials told CBS News.

Click here for some-more coverage from the colleagues during CBS News.

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News readers reduction intent when referred by Facebook

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Readers of some of a tip U.S. news sites are some-more intent when they go directly to a website rather than by Facebook, expelled on Monday.

The investigate found that users who come directly to a news site spend about 3 times as prolonged per visit, or roughly 5 mins on average. Those who find a news by acid or by Facebook spend about dual minutes.

Direct visitors also perspective about 5 times as many pages per month as those entrance by Facebook referrals or by hunt engines such as Google Inc.

The investigate is divulgence since increasingly news organizations are relying on amicable media platforms to discharge calm generally to strech younger readers.

And nonetheless a investigate shows that those readers who come to an essay or video by Facebook are younger and some-more variable in their loyalties.

The Pew study, conducted in partnership with a John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, according to a investigate from a Pew Research Center”analyzed Internet traffic from online dimensions organisation comScore Inc to 26 of a many renouned news sites during April, May and Jun of 2013. They enclosed sites owned by Yahoo Inc., AOL Inc.’s Huffington Post, Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.’s Fox News, a New York Times Co., BuzzFeed and a BBC.

The news looked during 3 ways people come to news articles: directly, by Facebook and by searching.

The investigate analyzed a online reading function of 1 million people who use desktop or laptop computers. Data from a smaller organisation of readers on smartphones and mobile inclination suggested a identical pattern, a authors said.

“Converting amicable media or hunt eyeballs to dedicated readers is formidable to do,” a authors of a news wrote.

“Even sites such as digital local BuzzFeed and National Public Radio’s npr.org, that have an scarcely high turn of Facebook traffic, saw most larger rendezvous from those who came in directly.”

Some of a sites that exhibited high levels of rendezvous enclosed Foxnews.com, where a normal caller spent roughly 8 mins per visit. By comparison, a normal caller to CNN spent about a notation and a half.

The operation of sites removing mention trade from Facebook varied. The New York Times for instance gets 37 percent of a trade from approach visitors and usually 7 percent from Facebook.

BuzzFeed receives 32 percent of a referrals directly while 50 percent are from Facebook.

“Facebook and hunt are vicious for bringing combined eyeballs to particular stories, and they do so in droves,” a authors wrote.

“But a tie a news classification has with any particular entrance to their website around hunt or Facebook is utterly limited.”

News agency: Chinese supervision website has images of suspected waste of blank plane.

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China’s central Xinhua News Agency says a supervision website has images of suspected waste from a blank Malaysia Airlines plane.

The news says a satellite images from a morning of Mar 9 seem to uncover “three suspected floating objects” of varying sizes.

The news includes coordinates of a plcae in a sea off a southern tip of Vietnam and easterly of Malaysia.

The news says a largest of a suspected pieces of waste measures about 24 by 22 meters.

Fox News Trumpet Bill O'Reilly Thunders Against Beyonce (VIDEO)

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Fox News wail Bill O’Reilly is feeling a small unsettled by Beyonce and in sold her latest “Partition” video, in that a thespian “glorifies carrying sex in a behind of a limousines”.

“Teenager girls demeanour adult to Beyonce, quite girls of colour… so because would she do that?” thundered a clearly frustrated endangered Murdoch mouthpiece.

“What she has finished here is inexplicable,” he serve flustered, “why would she do it?” Russell Simmons of Def Jam Records had a elementary answer: “Art”.


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News Of Missing Flight MH370 Stewardess Catches School's Attention

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KLUANG, Mar 12 (Bernama) — The news of a disappearance of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) moody MH370 has got a courtesy of Sekolah Tinggi Kluang (STK) here as one of a crew, Tan Ser Kuin, was a former tyro of a school.

Its principal, Rozali Jemain pronounced formed on a registration record book, a 42-year-old lady assimilated a propagandize in 1988 and was in category Form 4K3 and sat for a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) in a following year.

“This news, of course, has saddened teachers and students of this school, some-more so during a time when we’ll be celebrating a school’s 75th year Diamond Jubilee anniversary during a finish of a year,” he told reporters when met during a propagandize today.

Rozali who has not met Tan as he assimilated STK in a mid-90s, pronounced a stewardess was pronounced to be a good tyro and got good formula in her SPM.

He pronounced in this regard, he hoped that a whole propagandize village and Kluang residents would urge for a reserve of a Boeing 777-200 aircraft and all those aboard.

In a meantime, a government of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Jalan Mengkibol (SMKJM), here, also voiced magnetism with a occurrence since Tan was also a former tyro during a propagandize during a reduce delegate turn from 1985 to 1987 after her primary preparation during Sekolah Kebangsaan Tunku Mahmood (2), here.

Meanwhile, Tan’s mother, 60, when met during her elaborate fish emporium in Jalan Kapten Ahmad, declined to criticism about her daughter and asked a media to know a formidable conditions faced by a family.

She pronounced Tan, who has a son and a daughter, had returned to Kluang to applaud a Chinese New Year, in January.

All matters relating to a blank second child of 9 siblings, was being managed by her son-in-law (Tan’s husband) who was in a capital, she said.


Sharyl Attkisson Resigns From CBS News

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[ Life]

CBS News’ inquisitive match Sharyl Attkisson has resigned, and a proclamation was pronounced on a tweet. According to a orator for CBS, Attkisson is withdrawal a network to pursue other endeavors.

For months, rumors have been circulating about Attkisson’s differences with a network. Last year, CBS News reported that a correspondent’s inquisitive pieces on Benghazi did not make The CBS Evening News with some-more regularity.

Attkisson has been rarely praised by conservatives for her assertive stating on Benghazi issues. She has also been carrying attrition with a network, as she sees a network to be inequitable towards liberals. A CBS News source also pronounced that Attkisson felt that she was being kept from a dusk news due to domestic considerations. Some of her work on stories, such as “Operation Fast and Furious,” Benghazi, and Obamacare did not make it on The CBS Evening News, though were placed on a CBS News website.

The inquisitive match also done headlines when she announced that her computers have been hacked, and she pronounced that it might be connected to her inquisitive work on a government. The network after reliable that Attkisson’s computers were tampered with, though there was no discuss of a one obliged for a crack of privacy.

According to reports, Attkisson is now operative on a book called Stonewalled: One Reporter’s Fight for Truth in Obama’s Washington that will be out in November. On her Twitter account, she has been inclusive in expressing a means that Obama administration officials go by to get information on matters, such as a Benghazi attacks.

Despite a ongoing strife between a match and a news network, Attkisson pronounced that her abdication from a network was amicable. In a statement, she pronounced that it has been a good payoff operative for CBS News and that she is unequivocally beholden for a opportunities she has had with them.

Sonya McNair, a orator for CBS News, says that a news network appreciates a contributions that Attkisson has made, and that they wish her well.

Image around Sharyl Attkisson, Twitter

Sharyl Attkisson Resigns From CBS News
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